Euphrasia (Eyebrights)
This page is planned to provide information on the genus Euphrasia in Britian – a genus of highly interfertile, hemiparasitic grassland annuals that show considerable diversity here (approximately 21 species). Several of these species are threatened by habitat loss, inappropriate site management and 'genetic pollution', i.e. introgression from other species where habitat barriers have been broken down.
Below are the PowerPoint presentations I gave to BSBI (Botanical Society of the British Isles) Recorders' Conferences in 2006 and 2007. Right-click download links with the mouse and select "Save target as ..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save link as ..." (Firefox).
These PowerPoints include reference to work done not only by myself but also to ongoing work based at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh and The University of Edinburgh, notably by Peter Hollingsworth, Richard Ennos, Graham French, Christina Oliver, Jane Squirrell, much as response to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan for Euphrasia.
All material provided here is copyright and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.
BSBI_Recorders_Conference,_September_2006.ppt  (24.070 KB)Silverside (2006) Euphrasia: new insights, continuing problems.
BSBI_Recorders_ Conference,_September_2007.ppt  (15,436 KB)Silverside (2007) Euphrasia: thoughts on recording and conservation.
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